Good times with Denise Richards @CMT Awards: Nashville,TN

What a fun week! CMA Music Fest, aka Fan Fair, has beat my butt this week, but I’m not complaining! The highlight was definitely meeting and working with Denise Richards on Wednesday.  What a gorgeous lady, inside and out. (Fantastic head of hair too!) After the “Tennessee Twister” blew through in the afternoon it was all about the party from there! I gave her a head full of sexy, flirty-yet-natural looking waves to top off her sultry Hollywood glam look. She definitely stopped traffic on the red carpet!  I unexpectedly had the honor of sitting with her on the front row during the show. (Note to self, always bring costume change!) After the show we hit the CMT after party and enjoyed a tasting of yummy treats and hob-knobbed with the best. Jeannie Garth even came up to me and asked to rub on my beard, said I looked like someone she wanted to know:) Soon enough we were starting to fade  and decided called it a night. It was time to hurry home and get some rest for Faith in the morning!

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