“Oh Lord, it’s a fire!” Cam’s Burning House Video Shoot – September 2015

While on the set of  the “Burning House” music video, directed by my fairy-godmother-extroidinare Trey Fanjoy,  I boldly went where no hairdresser has gone before! (especially holding a can of aerosol hairspray!!)

I said, “Oh, Lord Jesus it’s a fire! Then I ran out, I didn’t grab no shoes or nothin’ Jesus, I ran for my life!  And then the smoke got me!

If you don’t count the flames blazing just inches away, killer bees wanting (and taking) a piece of me, smoke-filled lungs mixed with the sweltering heat of summer (and fire) in an abandoned attic… it was just another day’s work! Of course, the finished product was well worth it.  I was SO excited to be a part of this video. I fell in love with this song and Cam’s unmistakeable voice the first time I heard it on WSM am 650 radio.  Thanks, too, Lorrie Turk, for being my glam partner in crime on set.  Congratulations to Trey on another masterpiece well-done!




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